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2021 MLTA Boot Camp – The Basics of Title Search and Examination Recap

May 12, 2021

By: Debbie Wiley, First American Title/MLTA Boot Camp Committee Co-chair

The 2021 MLTA Boot Camp was another huge success thanks to the hard work of this year’s MLTA Boot Camp Committee. Dustin Robbins, Mt. Pleasant Abstract & Title Family of Agencies, who co-chairs this committee. LaRee Marra, Legacy Title Agency, was our technical guru. Hollie Oxie, Allegiance Title Agency who assisted in creating this year’s Boot Camp presentation and was our week two presenter. And last, but certainly not least, a big THANK YOU to our biggest contributor the one and only Allan Dick. Yes – the same Allan Dick that after many years in our industry had recently retired but was so gracious, as he always is, to not only do most of the creation of the materials for this Boot Camp but also to be the presenter for two of the three sessions. We cannot thank Allan enough for not only being one of the co-creators of the original Boot Camp back in 2013 but for continuing to provide us with his knowledge and talents that helped to make the 2021 Boot Camp the success that it was for our organization this year!!

The 2021 Boot Camp was presented virtually as three 1-hour sessions at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday mornings, April 7, 14th and 21st. The MLTA Board of Directors and the Education committee decided that this valuable training would be a free event again this year to all MLTA Members. And the attendance numbers showed the results of that decision along with the need for this type of training in our industry. There were 176 attendees for session one, 171 attendees for session two and 149 attendees for session three of this Boot Camp. The survey results also showed an appreciation for this type of “Basics” training with most of the attendees grading the 2021 Boot Camp with a Great or Excellent score.
Dustin Robbins opened each of the Boot Camp sessions by welcoming the attendees and introducing that day’s presenter. Dustin came back at the end of each presentation to be the one to ask that day’s presenter the questions that had come into the question box from attendees during each session.
Week one of the 2021 Boot Camp, Allan opened the show with informing the attendees as to what they could expect to learn during all three of the Boot Camp presentations. He then walked the attendees through the beginning processes of title search and examination. Of course, adding in the history and significance of Real Estate Land Title and the background, reason and need for Title Insurance and of our industry. Allan wrapped up the first session outlining the basic framework of title searching and explaining the reason for the need to search the public records and other resources so that the end result of a title examination can be completed.

Week two, Hollie Oxie took the stage as the that week’s presenter. Hollie talked about the various types of Legal Descriptions that a title searcher would be researching and the difference between them including a platted subdivision, a condominium unit and metes and bounds descriptions. She also discussed the various resources that are available that can be utilized to find the documentation to complete a solid title search for each type of property. Hollie explained what a “Chain of Title” is and how the title examiner can create that from the title search that was properly completed. She wrapped up session two discussing the fundamentals of examining along with the items that the title search discloses and what to do if the searcher or examiner find that some information is missing and need to use another resource to find that information and to complete the title examination.

On week three, Allan returned to close out the three-week series of presentations. Allan started session three by recapping what had been discussed in sessions one and two. Then he outlined the various types of documents there could be discovered during the title search process and would be needed to complete the title examination for any property to be examined. He also discussed what the typical “Search Standards” are in Michigan and explained that each Title Underwriter has their guidelines for title search and examination that need to be understood and followed. Allan closed out session three by explaining how all of the prior processes are needed to create the final product of a title commitment with the reminder to keep underwriter guidelines in mind. He also outlined the importance of the title commitment being the “roadmap” to the real estate transaction wherein a closing can take place and the ultimate product of the Title Policy can be issued.

And that’s a wrap. Another successful Boot Camp in the history books!!

As a reminder, all the materials and videos from this Boot Camp series have been uploaded onto the MLTA website for future reference. www.MLTA.org

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