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A Valentine’s Giving Challenge

Feb 10, 2021

Kristen A. Dankert, VC, MLTA Public Service Committee


At a time when need is most keenly felt because of the pandemic, we cordially invite you to participate in “Giving from the Heart” with the #MLTAGivingChallenge. Take the challenge and support your local community by giving to a person or organization YOU choose. The goal is for each member to give in their own community so that we can spread the goodwill of the MLTA across the great State of Michigan. In addition to the association’s participation, our goal is to ask its members to make many smaller gifts that specifically benefit their own communities. This will allow you and MLTA to support local business while giving to a local family or organization. This challenge is open now through March 1.

Don’t miss the attached video which kicks off the challenge by announcing the Board’s gift and nomination to take the #MLTAGivingChallenge. Once nominated, you are in full control of your giving. It’s as simple as: 1) purchasing a gift card from a local business; 2) giving it to a community member/organization in need; 3) creating a video or maybe just a post on your LinkedIn Page using the #MLTAGivingChallenge; 4) nominating a member to take the challenge; and 5) completing the SurveyMonkey®.

Why SurveyMonkey®? Well, we want to see how far and wide this challenge spreads. We ask that you use the SurveyMonkey® to anonymously report how much you gave and the county where the gift was made. We stress this is ANONYMOUS, at the end of the challenge we will use this information to tally the final amount. Next month, we will announce the grand total given.

While we are discussing the concept of anonymity, please guard the privacy of those you are giving to. Please do not identify the recipients by name. All we need to know in your post is that you took the challenge and who you are nominating to take the challenge next.

It’s been a wild year since we last met in person. I don’t want to repeat any of the over used words to describe what was 2020. Personally, my increased time at home allowed me the opportunity to really explore my own community. Without all the after-school activities and social obligations that typically occupy my free time, I was left with time to take long walks. It seemed like others had the same opportunity because suddenly, the friendly nod or wave that used to happen as I passed a neighbor turned into a socially distanced conversations with neighbors. Despite the isolation of the pandemic, these conversations have allowed me to form new friendships with the people of my neighborhood. The friendships have allowed me to become more in tune with the needs of the neighborhood. And that’s where this challenge comes in.

Maybe you have a neighbor that owns a restaurant, perhaps you could support that neighbor and buy a gift card from their establishment. Maybe another neighbor needs help putting dinner on the table. Buying a gift card from a local restaurant and giving it to a neighbor/community member is a great way to complete this challenge. Maybe you know of a community organization that could use a little extra help. The sky is the limit when you are looking for ways to support local businesses and your community. This past year taught us that our home community is very important. This challenge provides an opportunity to provide support locally.

In past years, we chose one or two organizations to support with a donation check. This year in addition to the gift by the association, we are asking members to take the #MLTAGivingChallenge and give directly within their own communities. We would be thrilled if our collective giving spanned the entire state. Whether your gift is to an individual, a family or a local organization, it will benefit your local community as well as spread the goodwill of the MLTA.

The Public Service Committee would like to thank Wes Parkinson for contributing this amazing idea which combines random acts of kindness with support of our local community. Let’s be honest, after 2020, everyone could use a surprise given from the heart by a community member. With Valentine’s Day upon us, combining these concepts launched our Giving from The Heart challenge.

Can we give gifts in all 83 counties? Can our individual members combine to quadruple the $1,000 donated by the Board? Take the challenge and help contribute to your community! We will be back next month to report the grand total donated as part of the Giving from the Heart challenge. We look forward to your participation!  You can find this information on the MLTA website HERE (you will note the challenge and the post giving survey link)


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