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Another Successful MLTA Capitol Day!

Jun 8, 2017

Cami Pendell, JD
Michigan Legislative Consultants

On May 10th, MLTA held its annual Capitol Day which connects MLTA members with their legislators to discuss the association’s priorities. This year, over 30 MLTA members took time from their busy schedules to invest it in Lansing to discuss issues impacting the title industry. Between meetings with legislators and staff, along with the quick material drop-offs at the offices where meetings weren’t scheduled, the association touched nearly every legislative office.

As in prior years, MLTA’s legislative luncheon was extremely popular and resulted in great attendance. Over 150 guests stopped by to enjoy lunch with us and many legislators took the opportunity to spend almost the entire lunch hour talking with MLTA members that live and work in their districts.

Additionally, it didn’t take long for legislators and staff to follow-up up with me expressing their interest in MLTA’s legislative priorities. I have already had meetings to further discuss the initiative to update the state’s Marketable Title Act and have many more meetings on my schedule in the future. As a result of this year’s legislative day, we will have bill sponsors for one (if not more) of our key legislative initiatives.

Thank you to everyone who participated in MLTA’s Capitol Day this year! I hope to see you back again next year to continue our success. If you haven’t participated in a Capitol Day yet, I hope you will consider it. It’s a great opportunity to meet with your legislators and to share information about what matters to the land title industry. We partner MLTA members up so you won’t have to attend a meeting by yourself. You’ll have a chance to learn the ropes and see just how easy it is. Also, legislators want to hear from you because you are their constituents and they are here to serve you. They appreciate the time you take to visit with them in Lansing and share the policy issues that matter to you most.

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