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The Solution to Age-Old Post-Closing Problems? Title Companies Can Help!

Apr 5, 2018

By Michelle Wilsey, Regional Director, Simplifile Trailing or missing documents after closing are a problem seemingly as old as the mortgage industry itself. When documents go missing post closing, lenders pay in the form of regulatory penalties or investor “holdbacks,” and title companies are on the hook for tracking and re-mailing some of the most […]

MLTA’s Marketable Title Legislation Passes Senate

Apr 5, 2018

By Cami Pendell, Michigan Legislative Consultants In the last TitleBytes legislative update, I shared information on SB 671 (Jones). That is MLTA’s legislation which helps to clarify and strengthen the Marketable Title Act. Currently, the Marketable Title Act does not specifically define what kind of reference must be in a document to continue previously created […]

“Weed” Control”

Feb 5, 2018

By Phillip Neuman A “burning” topic these days is marijuana. Currently (as of November 30, 2017), 29 states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws to legalize the use of medical marijuana. Nine states and the District of Columbia have voted to legalize the drug recreationally, and Michigan will have a ballot proposal this […]

Leveraging Technology in 2018

Feb 5, 2018

Lisa Rozmarniewicz, Capital Title Insurance Agency “If we, as an industry, are able to keep our focus on how to continually leverage technology for our clients and our business, everybody wins,” Ben Niernberg, EVP, business development Proper Title, LLC. So, how can we leverage new technologies, and keep the customer experience in the forefront? I […]

Education Committee, Our Work and Our Mission

Feb 5, 2018

The Michigan Land Title Association’s education committee has a job to do and we are on a mission to do it. The committee is responsible for organizing and developing the educational offerings of the association, long considered one of the major benefits offered by the MLTA. To accomplish this mission we work tirelessly to ensure […]

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