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Recent Changes to Farmland and Open Space Act (PA 116 Agreements)

Oct 4, 2016

“On June 27, 2016 the Governor signed a change to the Farmland and Open Space Act, (PA 116) law that impacts the way our office will process PA 116 Agreements and the way you may participate in that process.  These changes, listed below, will take effect for any requests received by our office on and […]

Views from the Riverside

Oct 4, 2016

Rob Ford Riverside Title My youngest son plays the bass guitar on a professional level. A few years ago, he was hired as part of a small ensemble to play the late comedienne Joan Rivers on and off the stage at one of northern Michigan’s finest casinos. For two nights he actually got paid to […]

Introducing TitleBytes

Aug 3, 2016

Considering the increasing amount and frequency of information being conveyed to MLTA members by their customers, vendors, and underwriters alike, the Michigan Land Title Association’s Board of Directors committed themselves to exploring options, to assist its members with obtaining relevant information, in a more timely and convenient manner…

Governor Signs MLTA Priority Legislation into Law

Aug 2, 2016

Governor Snyder has signed the flat recording fee package and legislation that makes revisions to the Condominium Act into law. These issues were the top legislative priorities for MLTA and were the central focus of this year’s Capitol Day. All of our hard work has successfully resulted in the creation of many new Public Acts.

MLTA President’s Interview

Aug 1, 2016

Allan Dick MLTA Editor Introducing the MLTA President for 2016-7: Deborah (Debbie) Wiley. Debbie has been a long time dedicated contributor to the MLTA, since her early days with Metropolitan Title (then Debbie Fitnich) before Metro was acquired by First American Title Insurance Company, and is a fitting successor to the role of MLTA President. […]

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