2020 Boot Camp

MLTA Virtual Boot Camp “Title 101”

Wednesday, June 3 – Wednesday, July 1
1 hour webinars each Wednesday
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM


Event Details

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Week 1:  Introduction to Real Estate Title and Title Insurance and how Title Insurance Brings Value and Facilitates to Real Estate Transactions.

Week 1 . Allan Dick . Title 101 Weekly, Basics Introduction
WEEK 1 . Dawn Patterson . Title Basics

Allan Dick, Vice President and Great Lakes Region Underwriter, WFG National Title Insurance Co.

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Dawn Patterson, Esq., National Underwriting Counsel, First American Title Insurance Co.
*Allan will provide a brief overview and history of Real Estate Title and the value of Title Insurance, followed by Dawn, who will show how Title Insurance and Title Companies participate in all of the aspects and enable Real Estate Transactions.


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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Week 2:  The Basics of Real Estate Title and how that has evolved, and Understanding Legal Descriptions, the foundation for Title and Title Insurance.
David Martyn, Esq., Vice President; Midwest Agency Regional Underwriting Counsel; and Regional Underwriting Director – Midwest, First American Title Insurance Co.
*David will explore what we mean, when we say “title” to property, the different interests in real property and the difference between personal property and real property.  He will then provide an in-depth review of how Real Property is described, including an overview of surveys, and how they fit with title examination.

HANDOUT:  The Basics of Real Estate Title


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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Week 3:  County Real Estate Records; How Title is Held; and the Various Real Estate Documents.
John Bommarito, Esq., General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, ATA National Group
*John will discuss the various real estate related documents, their function and how they affect title; how title may be held; the County Register of Deeds records; and the recording process.

HANDOUT:  County Real Estate Records; How Title is Held; and the Various Real Estate Documents


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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Week 4:  Title Commitments, various Title Insurance Policies and common Policy Endorsements
Kristen Dankert, Esq., Vice President, Old Republic national Title Insurance Co.
*Kristen will review and explain the different sections and schedules of a Title Commitment, as well as the Covered Risks, Exclusions from Coverage, and the Schedules contained in the various Owner’s Policies, Loan Policies, and the more popular Endorsements to those policies. 

HANDOUTS:  Commitment Policies and Endorsements (002) ALTA Commitment For Insurance 2016

ALTA Short Form Residential Loan Policy
ALTA Policy – Owners Policy A 06-17-06
ALTA Policy – Homeowner’s Policy A 10-17-98 R 10-22-03 01-01-08 02-03-10 12-02-13
ALTA Loan Policy 2006
ALTA Commitment For Insurance 2016


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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Week 5:  The Real Estate Closing, and the Role and Function of the Escrow Closing Department
Linda Hinshon-Canter, Client Support, Proliant Settlement Systems; and Owner/Instructor of Escrow BootCamp ONLINE, LLC
*Linda’s experience as processer, closer and manager, as well as trainer and auditor, will help to take us into the world of Escrow, focusing on the Pre-Closing and Processing for a Closing; then the actual Closing, itself, including the most common closing documents; and finally the Post-Closing essentials (and more).

HANDOUTS:  The Role of Escrow