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Giving From the Heart Results

May 12, 2021

Not only did you accept the challenge, you exceeded our wildest expectations! Member donations totaled $5,730 and with the Board’s donation of $1,000, this challenge poured $6,730 into local communities. This challenge was the first of its kind, a request to members to donate directly in their local community. As a statewide organization, it was our objective to touch every county in the state and even though we fell shy of doing that, through your efforts on behalf of the MLTA, individuals and organizations in 43 counties across the upper and lower peninsulas received donations.
The Board’s donation was divided equally across 4 organizations that work to provide food assistance to local communities: Feeding America West Michigan, Northeast Michigan Community Service Agency’s (NEMSCA) Emergency Food Assistance Program, St. Ignace Food Pantry and Western UP Food Bank.

Feeding America West Michigan is part of a nationwide network of food banks and one of seven Feeding America food banks located in Michigan. This location serves 40 counties along the west side of the state from Indiana to the western edge of the Upper Peninsula. Northeast Michigan Community Service Agency’s Emergency Food Assistance Program serves 15 counties located in the north eastern lower peninsula and provides quarterly distributions of food to residents. The St. Ignace Food Pantry serves Mackinaw County residents and endeavors to provide 2 weeks of food at a time to patrons. The Western UP Food Bank services Houghton County.

In making donation arrangements, each organization expressed gratitude and appreciation for the organization’s generosity. One conversation stands out in my notes. The Western UP Food Bank director explained that the program survives on private donations only. They are not publicly funded so unexpected donations like ours are a wonderful and welcome surprise.

The Public Service Committee greatly appreciates Wes Parkinson for contributing this amazing idea which combines random acts of kindness with support of our local community. We hope you enjoyed the 2021 Giving Challenge as we look forward to continuing the concept next year. As a statewide organization, we are excited to explore ways that we can give back to the entire state. The grand total of donations made demonstrate how quickly our collective efforts add up to an impressive amount.

On behalf of the Public Service Committee and the Board of Directors, we look forward to next year’s challenge and we thank you for participating in the 2021 challenge. You exceeded our wildest expectations and in doing so helped spread the goodwill of the MLTA across this state as well as made these difficult times better for so many people. Thank you for rising to the challenge and thank you for Giving From The Heart.

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