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Dec 12, 2019

Tom Lico, Capital Title

If you think about it, “time” is the only thing in life we are all given equally. It doesn’t discriminate. Ironically enough, it’s the one thing we all complain that we don’t have enough of. The reality is: time is all we have. We all get 1,440 minutes each and every day. Nobody gets any more, nobody gets any less – 1,440 minutes. That is the same amount of minutes a day that Leonardo Da Vinci had. Same for Shakespeare, Lincoln, Einstein, Martin Luther King, and Steve Jobs. When we say things like, “I don’t have time for that”, we’re turning our backs on time and denying its power.

When things aren’t getting done, “not enough time” is really just an excuse. It’s about energy, focus, and priorities. It’s about organizing your day, your week – your entire life. Most people live life like they went to a movie – they sit there and hope something good happens. Meanwhile, the minutes are ticking away. Your old habits are in control and those habits are filled with time-wasters. You may believe you don’t have time to do anything more, but take a count in a given week of how many hours are spent binge watching Netflix or surfing social media. Be honest with yourself. You’d be surprised at how much time you do have to excel and achieve all that you desire.

We have become slaves to our calendars that are filled with appointments for lunch meetings, children’s activities, birthday parties, etc. You manage to adjust your day according to what is in your calendar. Here’s a tip: if you want to break free of your time-wasting habits in an effort to achieve more, start with making appointments with YOU.
In my calendar, these appointments are labeled “LP Mtg” – which stands for Life on Purpose. The purpose of this meeting is to work on my strategies for achievements. I start out each month setting weekly appointments in my calendar along with an agenda of what needs to be accomplished. It’s important to treat each of these meetings as critical as any other in your calendar. Should you need to cancel one, reschedule it. Trust me, you have the time.

Greater success in life is not about one big moment, it’s about continual incremental steps toward a consistent goal. The famous people I listed above did not have one good year, they had many. They also had many years when life didn’t go well and they doubted themselves. They endured because no matter what obstacles in life they were confronted with, they found the time to keep moving forward with their vision. They chose to make the greatest possible significance in the time they were allowed, because after all…we all get the same.

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