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Important Changes to the MLTA Professional Designation Program

Nov 16, 2020

By Maura Snabes, CLTP, MLTA Professional Designation Chair

If there one thing that stays the same, it is change. And the Professional Designation Program is no different. We have already seen a multitude of changes to the program; from the testing, to the criteria, done not only in response to MLTA member suggestions, but also done to encourage active participation in the program and MLTA while maintaining the significance of the designation. By way of background for newer members, the Professional Designation Program was formed more than 8 years ago, offering a Certified Land Title Professional (CLTP) and Associate Land Title Professional (ALTP) designation. The program is for those persons within the MLTA who, through a combination of education, experience and performance, have demonstrated a proficient knowledge of land title insurance.

One of the Professional Designation Board of Review (PDBOR)’s 2020 goals was to build our professional designation program and increase the number of members within the MLTA organization who become certified. In doing so, the PDBOR’s focus was to ensure that the integrity of the certification is maintained. While the PDBOR did not want to make this an easy achievement (as it would lose the quality, importance and value of the certification), the overwhelming response it heard was that the PDBOR had to make a change to the overall application process and requirements in order to make it more achievable for those MLTA members who possess the industry knowledge, experience and association involvement required to become certified.

The PDBOR looked at many states’ certifications programs, had many discussions and many revisions of every aspect of the overall program, the application, and the certification process. The PDBOR has now created what it believes is the correct balance of knowledge, experience and industry involvement necessary to preserve the integrity and value of the certification, while increasing the opportunity for certification and lowering the burden placed on members during the application and approval process.

Synopsis of the changes: The PDBOR has eliminated the test requirement and the point requirements, and focused more on the original intent of the certification—ensuring that those who achieve the certification are knowledgeable, have industry experience, and, most importantly, have been active in the past, are active now, and will be active in the future with MLTA. The PDBOR also put in a special provision for real estate attorneys, which allows them to achieve an ALTP or CLTP designation if they meet the criteria. And, we have a “Fast Track” application for those individuals who have a Michigan Resident Producer License and more than 15 years of industry experience.

We are excited about these changes! Since these most recent changes were instituted, the PDBOR has approved 4 new applicants to receive their CLTP designation. Please take a moment to look at the Professional Designation page on the MLTA website for the ALTP and CLTP applications. The PDBOR hopes that you find this process to be less intimidating, while maintaining the integrity of the Professional Designation certification and we look forward to receiving YOUR application. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

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