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Aug 10, 2021

By Tim McDonnell, MLTA PAC Chair

Along with the virtual Summer Convention, the virtual MLTA-PAC Silent Auction was a success. The MLTA-PAC Committee is looking forward to the day that we can all get back together for one of our crazy in-person fundraisers; but in the meantime, the new online silent auction platform has been a tremendous tool for raising funds.

The Silent Auction format was slightly different this year with the bidding opening before the Convention dates and remaining open until the Friday following the Convention. This allowed bidders more time to review the items and get a bid in before the final bell. There was a total of 22 items donated to the auction by 33 members. The total donor value of the items donated was $3,966.00. We had many great items including a lottery board, gift baskets, a sandwich kit, sporting event tickets and personal electronics to name a few. Many thanks to the people who donated a wide variety of items for the auction and made it a tremendous success.

The were 15 successful bidders on the long list of items when the Silent Auction came to a close. Those successful bidders paid a total of $4,215.00 to the MLTA-PAC and walked away with the item (or items in some cases) that they wanted. At the end of the day, the MLTA-PAC benefited greatly.

A big MLTA-PAC thank you to our Donors and our Bidders!

The MLTA-PAC Committee would like to again thank all members who have contributed to the PAC over the past year; especially those members who have made a commitment to contribute on an annual basis. The funds generated for the MLTA-PAC help us get our industry’s voice heard in Lansing and with term limits and seats turning over in the State House and Senate, that is a never-ending process.

The MLTA-PAC Committee would like to challenge all members who receive this article to make a commitment to donate to the MLTA-PAC on an annual basis. If everyone committed to donating $50 to $100 dollars or more each year, the PAC would have a healthy balance and it would eliminate the need for emergency fundraising campaigns.

One final THANK YOU to all who have contributed. Your participation is greatly appreciated!

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