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Professional Designation – Changes on the horizon

Oct 9, 2017

By Maura Snabes, CLTP, PDBOR Chair, Corporate Settlement Solutions

We all have heard about our Michigan Land Title Association’s Professional Designation program, but many of our members who may qualify for application to the designation program have not yet applied and others who do not yet qualify are ready and willing to apply. The Professional Designation Board of Review (PDBOR and formerly known as the Professional Designation Committee), being well aware of this conundrum has now formed a taskforce to address the issue, stimulate more interest in the program and allow for more members to apply for designation.

The Professional Designation Program was formed more than 5 years ago, offering a Certified Land Title Professional (CLTP) and Associate Land Title Professional (ALTP) designation. The program is for those persons within the MLTA who, through a combination of education, experience and performance, have demonstrated a proficient knowledge of land title insurance. The designations represent the highest measure of achievement in the land title insurance profession in the State of Michigan. Designees are recognized at the spring and fall seminars, on the MLTA website, and may use the designation on their resume and all marketing materials. Currently, the program has 9 designees who have earned the CLTP designation. 5 of these designees have gone on to receive their National Title Professional (NTP) designations, which is the highest designation attainable in the land title industry. In order to achieve the NTP designation, you must first obtain your CLTP designation (if your state has such a designation program). In addition, there are 6 members who have applied for the CLTP designation but who have not yet acquired all of the respective points to sit for the exam or who have the requisite points but who have not yet taken and passed the exam.

The PD taskforce is researching other states’ designation programs and brainstorming new ideas to encourage more MLTA members to apply for the designation, while continuing to uphold the core ideals of the program. Since its inception, the PDBOR has created two versions of the exam; clarified, added and eliminated exam questions multiple times, modifying ambiguous questions and addressing industry changes; streamlined the point review process and addressed numerous issues relative to both application to the program and maintenance of a designation.

Designation is valuable and evidences your knowledge, experience and dedication to our industry. We are fortunate to have such a program, but we need to support its growth to ensure its viability into the future. The PDBOR would like to see more of the MLTA membership participate in the program and earn their designation. We are excited about the potential changes and what this will mean for our association and the program itself. If you have any suggestions, you may reach out to any of the PDBOR board members. Stay tuned!

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