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Oct 9, 2017

By Rob Ford, Riverside Title

Last month I was at a wedding. Sitting in one of those little white folding chairs, killing fifteen minutes before the ceremony and in a fit of responsibility, I remembered to turn off my phone and in the process, scanned through my emails. Among all the other stuff in the inbox was a query from the editor of TitleBytes, to whom I have been submitting occasional columns about the Title Insurance industry for the last year or so.

This editor, moments before two people pledge their souls and eternal love to one another, had interrupted me with the age old question; “can you think of something to write about?” And then the muse presented itself. The “muse” is what I call writing inspiration. Now, a muse presenting itself and a writer successfully responding to it often are at war. So many times something happens or is seen that is muse worthy but the writer gets distracted and the moment passes. Hours or days later, the frustrated writer often wastes time searching the recesses of his mind in futility, trying to re-create the missing writing concept.

Muses appear quite often but not every missed opportunity would have made its way onto the printed page. Unfortunately, that same muse may reappear, only to be found as stale. In other words, at one time the idea was good, but like most things, muses come with a shelf life.
But now…here comes the bride!

I tell you this in candor and honesty, that as the parents of the bride and groom are ushered in, the freshly coiffed and cleanly shaven bridal party parade in and right up until everybody stands in unison to greet the blushing bride, one guy refused to yield his interest. The former title company owner, come Dave Barry wannabe, has opted to love, honor and cherish the writer’s muse and barely acknowledge the life changing event that surrounds him.

You’re wondering; aren’t you supposed to writing things germane to the title industry, Mr. Ford? Well, as I said, the muse appeared in my mind with title issues like Dower…Mineral Rights (Diamonds, Gold and Silver)…Joint Tenancy/Tenancy by the Entireties, Sanctity of Contract and Full Disclosure; all things that every title person and wedding participant has consumed themselves with. And I tell you about this now, before the glow of marriage and any more changes in our industry lose their shine and spoil these topics’ shelf life. But trust me, when I tell you that the muse is real, and it must be obeyed.

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