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Young Title Professionals

Dec 8, 2017

The Young Title Professionals committee of the Michigan Land Title Association is an ad hoc committee that is open to those in the title business who are either 40ish years old and younger; or have been in the title industry seven years or less.

The Young Title Professional committee is a group of passionate, young-ish and/or novice title professionals that have joined forces to achieve one common goal; to give our invaluable opinion. Being the up and coming regime, we have a responsibility to the industry to carry the torch passed on by our predecessors and make it our own bonfire. Through committees such as YTP, our goals are to pro-actively prepare the real estate industry for our infiltration and guide the industry to the next level.

The title industry is need of a strategy to merge our “generational differences”; the goal is to preserve the knowledge of the veterans yet advance it through the creativeness of the youth. Young Title Professionals are hoping to accomplish this by offering alternative programs to maximize the future success of the title industry. Recruitment and mentorships are two areas of interest that the Young Title Professionals are looking to get off the ground in 2018. Current recruitment concepts include career fairs, community postings, conferences, job boards, career blogs, spotlight career ads & calls and YTP word of mouth. YTP members cover the Michigan territory from Great Lake to Great Lake in each direction, allowing YTP members to work together to reach all job markets in the State of Michigan. The mentorship program is a proposed outreach program to bring the Grand Master title agents together with the Rookies of the industry allowing them to share ideas and educate each other on unfamiliar title areas.

The Young Title Professionals meet on a monthly basis via phone, webinar or formal conference to share ideas and create new innovative ways to improve the title industry. Under the direction of the Michigan Land Title Association, YTP advances ideas through various other MLTA committees to help contribute to the greater good of the industry as a whole.

Looking to change the world one closing at a time? Contact YTP Chairperson Brian Kasiborski at bkasiborski@oldrepublictitle.com or Robyn Dinsdale at robynd@diversifiednational.com

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