Political Action Committee (PAC)

MLTA-PAC will be holding a Scavenger Hunt on Mackinac Island. With the assistance of the host hotel, Mission Point Resort, we will have teams competing in a bicycle scavenger hunt around the Island on Monday afternoon. Each team will be seeking donations to the MLTA-PAC leading up to the Convention. The team that raises the most funds will receive a time advantage going into the competition. The teams will be posting pictures to the MLTA App during the hunt so make sure you have it downloaded to your mobile device so you can follow along with all the action. Supporting your favorite team in the Scavenger Hunt through a donation to the MLTA-PAC would be an excellent way to help them out and support the legislative initiatives of the MLTA.

Vote for your favorite team (s) – use the donation buttons located below to make a contribution and push your team to the top!

Corporate Settlement Solutions

CSS Rum Runners

 First American Title Ins. Company

The Premium Peddlers

It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

Eileen LaPlante, Hollie Oxie, Geoff Prichard, Jamie Scheett


Mackinac Rebel Rousers

Amrockin’ It With PropLogix





The MLTA-PAC will be holding a silent auction at the Summer Convention at Mission Point Resort.  Even if you cannot be at the event, you still have the ability to bid on the fabulous items in the auction.  The item descriptions and minimum bid amounts are listed below.  If you would like to place a bid, please contact Tim McDonnell at tmcdonnell@oldrepublictitle.com and give him your maximum bid for the item.  Tim will monitor your item for you and bid for you in $5.00 increments.  All bid increases must be in $5.00 increments.  If your maximum bid is reached, Tim will contact you to see if you would like to increase your bid or let the item go.  Bid early and bid often!

See list below for a description of the items.  Please email tmcdonnell@oldrepublictitle.com if you have any questions.

Item Donor Value Minimum Opening Bid Description Donor
University of Michigan Football Tickets  $                         110.00  $                           65.00 Two tickets for the Michigan vs. SMU game on Saturday September 15th.  Game time 3:30pm.  Section 37, Row 87, Seats 19 and 20.  Right off the aisle just above the section entrance. Tim McDonnell
Tiger Baseball Ticket Package  $                         300.00  $                         180.00 Four tickets for the Tigers vs. White Sox game on Friday, August 24th.  Game Time 7:10 pm. Tickets are in Section 121, row 21, seats 5-8. Package includes parking pass, Tiger hats and other swag. Amy Zemple
Tiger Baseball Tickets  $                         360.00  $                         220.00 Four tickets for the game on Friday, August 24th versus the Chicago White Sox.  Section 127, Row 29, Seats 1-4.  Game Time 7:10PM. Michael Holden
Tiger Baseball Tickets  $                           60.00  $                           35.00 Two tickets to the September 10th Tigers game against the Houston Astros. Section 327, Row C, Seats 9 & 10 (on the aisle right next to the TV camera). Game Time 5:40PM. Gregg Nathanson and Phil Neuman
Wine and Beer Basket  $                         200.00  $                         120.00 A beverage package – with something for (almost) everyone
A Stella Artois gift box, containing a special liter-sized bottle of Stella, and 2 gold rimmed beer glasses with the Stella Artois logo
A box containing a variety of 4 different styled red wines from the donor’s cellar.
1. 2012 Amista Cabernet Sauvignon from Alta Piesa Vineyards, from the “stand out” 2012 vintage
2. 2012 Amphora Zinfandel (Dry Creek) – Best of Class at SF Chronicle Wine Competition
3. 2012 Chateau Tournefeuille – La Terasse, a favorite Bordeaux of actress Catherine Deneuve
4. 2006 Crane Brothers Merlot  (forget Sideways – personal favorite for cabs, merlots and blends)
Allan Dick
Furbo Dog Camera  $                         250.00  $                         150.00 An HD camera that allows you to monitor your dog and give them treats.  See description here https://shopus.furbo.com Lisa Cicinelli
University of Michigan Football Tickets  $                         210.00  $                         130.00 Two tickets to the Michigan v Wisconsin game on Saturday, October 13, 2018.  Section 15, Row 20, seats 20 and 21.  Game Time TBA. Meredith Weingarden
Detroit Tiger Tickets  $                         215.00  $                         130.00
4 Tigers tickets to the Sunday Sept 9 game.  1:10pm  Tigers v Cardinals, lower infield box.  Sec 134, Row 14 seats 1-4
William Robinson
Cherry Republic Gift Basket – Life-Liberty-Beaches-Pie $150.00  $                           90.00 A little heat, a little savory, a little treat – all favorites of the Founder of Cherry Republic.  A 7.5 oz. jar of Hot Cherry Salsa brings the heat, the 10 oz. Cherry Summer Sausage and 9 oz. jar Cherry Artisan Mustard bring the savory, and a 2-pack of White Chocolate Boomchunka Cookies, a 14 oz. bag Cherry Nut Mix, and an 8 oz. Dark Chocolate Nut Mix tops it all off with something sweet. CSS has added to the gift by including: Sangria, Apple Cherry Hard Cider and some Ginger “Bear”. How complete! Jerome Jelinek
Jolly Pumpkin Gift Basket and Tour  $                         198.00  $                         120.00 Jolly Pumpkin Gift Basket and Tour Cindy Immonen
North Peak Brewing Gift Basket and Tour  $                         150.00  $                           90.00 North Peak Brewing Gift Basket and Tour Cindy Immonen
Scenes of Mackinac Island  $                           75.00  $                           45.00 Scenes of Mackinac Island–four framed prints Eileen LaPlante
Roll of Scratch off Lottery Tickets  $                         100.00  $                           60.00 A roll of $100 scratch off lottery tickets!  Do you feel lucky? Sky Weaver
Tiger Baseball Tickets  $                         136.00  $                           80.00 Two tickets to the Wednesday August 22nd, Tigers vs. Cubs game. Section is 132, Row is 23 and the seats are 3 and 4. Game Time 6:10PM Neil Sherman
Margarita Basket  $                           75.00  $                           45.00 Margarita Basket with tequila and all the fixings! Becky Tassell
Bose Headphones  $                         349.00  $                         210.00 Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling- Silver Sheila McGuire
Rip Hamilton Pistons Jersey  $                         120.00  $                           70.00 Signed Rip Hamilton Pistons Jersey Lisa Rozmarniewicz
Scenes of Mackinac Island  $                           75.00  $                           45.00 Scenes of Mackinac Island–four framed prints Eileen LaPlante
Echo (2nd Generation) – Smart speaker with Alexa – Heather Gray Fabric  $                         100.00  $                           60.00 Echo (2nd Generation) – Smart speaker with Alexa – Heather Gray Fabric Bob Wuerfel
Kate Spade Purse  $                         400.00  $                         240.00 Kate Spade Yvonne Patterson Drive Black Leather Tote Kim O’Connor
Scenes of Mackinac Island  $                           40.00  $                           25.00 Scenes of Mackinac Island–Two framed prints “Morning mist at Mission Point”
And “Mackinac Bridge at sunrise from the porch of the Grand Hotel”.
Eileen LaPlante
Kate Spade Purse  $                         190.00  $                         115.00 Kate Spade Grove Street Neda Leather Zip Wallet Black, Women’s Kim O’Connor
Chris Osgood Red Wings Goalie Mask  $                         300.00  $                         180.00 Autographed Chris Osgood Detroit Red Wings Full Size Goalie Maskwith Certificate of Authenticity Jacquie Brink
Detroit Gift Basket  $                         250.00  $                         150.00 Detroit Basket:
Bottle of Our Detroit Vodka
2 glasses
2 coasters
Good People Cheese Popcorn,
Sweet Lorraines Dressing,
Mel’s Toffee- Assorted Flavors,
Detroit Ceramic Coaster,
Germack Pistacios,
Better Maid Chips – Regular,
Detroit 313 Hot Sauce,
McClures Pickles,
Germack Chocolate Caramel Crunch Mix,
Faygo Red Pop Glass Bottle,
Vernors Glass Bottle,
Sanders Hot Fudge
Brad Miller


The real estate industry in Michigan is beginning to rebound and it is essential that we support candidates who are committed to continuing this improvement. That is why the MLTA-PAC is launching a new campaign, “MLTA Members Who Care”!

We all understand the importance of the MLTA and the work that it does to protect our industry. The efforts of the Legislative and Legislative Steering Committees and the important contacts made during our Annual Lobby Day are just a few examples of the vital work of the MLTA and its members. We thank everyone who has made the extra effort to get involved on behalf of the industry.

We also know that there are many more of you who would love to be more involved in furthering the objectives of the MLTA. But let’s face it, we all have numerous demands that pull us in many directions and not everyone has the ability to dedicate time away from the office. However, we all still have the ability to get involved in a key way and that is by making a contribution to the MLTA-PAC. Your contributions to the MLTA-PAC are used to support candidates who understand the value of the title insurance industry and the work that we do everyday. This support along with the efforts of our lobbyists, Tim Ward and Cami Pendell, help us maintain a seat at the table for the MLTA when legislation is proposed that could have a negative impact on our industry and all of our livelihoods! Will you be one of the “MLTA Members Who Care”?

Levels of Contribution:
Platinum $1000
Gold $500
Silver $300
Member Who Cares $100
Contributor $50



PAC Levels


2018 PAC Contribution Form

What is a PAC?

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the PAC;
But, Were Afraid to Ask!

By Tim McDonnell

It seems like every year the MLTA-PAC is asking for more and more money. They hold crazy fund-raisers, 50-50 drawings and just plain ask for money for the PAC! But, just what is a PAC? Why does the MLTA have a PAC? Where does all that money go? Who decides where the money goes? How do we decide who we support with that money? Why should I support the MLTA-PAC? These are just a few of the excellent questions that members of the PAC Committee are asked on a regular basis.

What is a PAC?
PAC is an acronym for Political Action Committee. A political action committee is a committee formed by a business, industry, labor organization or other special interest group. This committee is charged with the function of raising contributions from the organization or special interest group members. The funds raised by the political action committee are used to make contributions to the campaigns of political candidates whom the group or organization supports. Generally, these would be candidates who 1) have an understanding of the organization or industry making the contribution and 2) will keep the interests of the organization or industry in mind when making decisions on proposed legislation that may have an impact on that organization or industry. Wow! That’s a mouthful. In more basic terms, the PAC will use those funds to support political candidates who will be friendly to our industry.

Why does the MLTA have a PAC?
The PAC allows the members of MLTA to pool their dollars for political contributions. As we all know, there is strength in numbers. Politicians certainly appreciate any type of support that they receive; however, a contribution from the MLTA-PAC represents support from the more than one hundred member firms and the thousands of employees at those firms. This speaks loudly in Lansing and helps to get the voice of our organization and industry heard. By supporting candidates through the PAC, the MLTA has increased the recognition of our industry in Lansing. This, in turn, has increased our participation in the shaping of legislation that affects our industry and all of our livelihoods. I think we all agree that that is something important!

Where does all the money go? Who decides where the money goes?
All funds raised by the MLTA-PAC are placed in a bank account that is overseen by the MLTA Board of Directors. The funds in this account are used to make contributions to political campaigns and fundraisers. The decisions on who is supported and how much is contributed are made by the MLTA Board based on recommendations from our lobbyist, Tim Ward, and with input from the Legislative Steering Committee. Additionally, many recommendations come from members at large who have relationships with politicians from their local markets.