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MLTA Technology Committee

Jun 12, 2018

By Brian Roberts, ATA National Title Group

The MLTA Technology Committee was formed back in 2016 by the MLTA Board as an Ad Hoc committee. At that time, the board felt the need to have a group helping our association with the ever growing demands of technology in our industry. When the board started, one of the first things we did was create goals for the committee or to have a written purpose. While we came up with 3 goals, listed below, the overall purpose of the committee is to provide assistance with technology questions and help give guidance where we can to the MLTA members, MLTA Board, and its committees.

The primary objective was to recommend and use technology (software, hardware, etc…) to assist and improve the quality and efficiency with which the MLTA delivers its benefits and services to MLTA members. If you have recently been to an Education Seminar or Summer Convention, you may have noticed the Microphone boxes that are passed around the room; these were one of the first items the committee reviewed for the Board.

Another objective, recommend and use technology to assist other MLTA committees with improving how they deliver their services to both the Association and its members. When the Communications Committee was looking at different options for the newsletter, the Technology Committee helped advise what different options were available.
And finally, provide neutral unbiased reviews of technology that is either being marketed to MLTA members or available in the market place and include suggestions of technology that may be of interest to members. The Technology Committee on occasion has given brief presentations at the Education Seminars about different technologies out there that our members may find useful, as well as tech trends and tech concerns. We have also written articles for the newsletter at times about different technologies in our industry. One of the most recent articles and presentations was about 2-factor authentication for public e-mail (gmail, Hotmail, etc…).

Currently the Technology Committee includes 7 people. They are Ethan Powsner (Vice Chair), John Bommarito (Board Liaison), Michele Wilsey, Geoff Prichard, Mark Schreiber, Brandon Hunt, and Brian Roberts (Chair). Please let us know if we can be of any assistance with your technology questions or needs! And if this committee interests you, we can always benefit from new ideas and participation!

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