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ALTA One “All-In”

Dec 10, 2021

By: Eileen LaPlante-Elliott

My first observation as the plane prepared to land at the Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans, was how very many blue tarps were covering the rooftops of a city so recently hit by hurricane Ida. Please note that the ALTA Good Deeds Foundation raised and donated an additional $5000 to the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation to help with recovery efforts.

While in route from the airport to the conference location, we witnessed repair efforts that displayed the resilience of the city, and its people. When speaking with an older gentleman, we asked if it was difficult to get around with the storm damage and construction and repair etc, he replied in a calm, smooth, slow drawl “This is an old city, something is always being fixed up or repaired, you just gotta find another way around”.

His response and attitude struck home with me; because that statement describes the title industry too. We are an old industry.

Literally almost as old as dirt.

And there is always something happening that challenges us to adapt, evolve, and “find another way around”. The ALTA One theme of “All In” is very appropriate and just what we do and have always done; both individually and as an industry, every day.

Our challenges of late being no exception as the title industry continues to record historic volumes, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic no less- we have learned to adapt and overcome to serve our clients.

This year’s ALTA One conference was held both virtually and in-person (as one of the in-person attendees) , I can say it was great to be connected again with long valued (and missed) industry peers, vendors, and subject matter experts; there is nothing quite like that energy – spending time together, learning, discussing shared experiences and challenges was very rewarding, gathering up some real life experience from industry colleagues.

The secure notarization act of 2021 Legislation received renewed attention brought on by the realities of the pandemic and record high origination volumes, RON (remote online notarization) continues to be embraced by the majority of the industry.

The biggest topic amongst those that attended, were conversations focused on the continued importance of moving the industry forward through technological advancements – from paper-based to hybrid, to a fully digital platform. The overwhelming consensus is that while our industry is moving forward; we still have challenges to work through and adapt so that the advancements will benefit all stakeholders.

ALTA One is a great resource where we can learn more about how to navigate those challenges – what’s coming at us next; what’s here, and what “could be” on the horizon.

From 2020-2021 ALTA President Bill Burdings describing our industry with his 3 – P’s: People – Passion – Persistence.

The ALTA registry branching out to include E &O information.

To Michigan’s own Sharlene Shineldecker receiving her National Title Professional designation. Congratulations Shar, I was proud for you and I clapped very loudly, I just wish I could whistle….

At the first networking event of conference, Jacquie Brink and I represented the MLTA at the state officers cooking challenge. While neither of our teams won the “Gumbo Challenge” – it was great fun and educational. They take roux very seriously in the south, and no two roux makers do it the same way. Shout out to the staff of the New Orleans cooking school; they were great, funny and helpful. Should you ever have the opportunity to attend an event with them, Jacquie and I both highly recommend it.

ALTA ONE’s theme of “All-In”, certainly wasn’t hard to do. I always leave that particular conference wishing I could have attended more sessions, staying in one of the learning tracks is hard as they all present topics of interest.

Then throw in the impressive, historic city of New Orleans with the architecture, the music, food, beignets and pralines, a new personal favorite….. it was a busy few days at a premier conference in an amazing city. I returned home exhausted and invigorated, having learned new things. I made new friends of industry associates sharing knowledge and experience – and I would do it all over again if I could.

Laissez le Bon temp rouler


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