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Communications/PR Committee Spotlight

Apr 7, 2019

By Lisa Rozmarniewicz, MLTA Communications/PR Committee Chair

The Communications/PR Committee serves the association in order to improve favorable public opinion about the title industry in Michigan as well as positive information about the Michigan Land Title Association (MLTA) and its services to the membership and those in the industry.   Our main vehicle for this is our blog, TitleBytes, which can be found on the MLTA website.

We also collaborate with many of the other MLTA committees, assisting them with ways to get their message across to our membership, on specific topics.  In the spring of 2018, we took on a “refresh” of the MLTA website together, with the Technology Committee.  Last fall, we helped the Membership Committee create a “roadmap” to assist in communicating the value of membership using our website as a tool.  Additionally, we worked with the Education Committee to come up with ways to differentiate the many educational events that the association has to offer.

In 2019, we will assist in creating ways to communicate the new platforms for remote online notarizations as well as e-Closings to our membership as well as the public.   Needless to say, we have a creative group that has come up with some really great ideas and innovative ways to get our messages out.  But, we’re always looking for volunteers to join us, so don’t be shy.  Step out and shout, “Me”!

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