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Governor Signs Condo Legislation Amendment into Law

Oct 4, 2016

Cami Pendell, MLC

SB 610 Signed into Law and Legislature Briefly Returns Back to Session


MLTA Board members were able to join Governor Snyder, Sen. Margaret O’Brien and members of the Realtors Association for a ceremony marking SB 610 being signed into law. Sen. O’Brien sponsored the legislation which amends the Michigan Condominium Act.  As you know, Section 67 of the Act requires that if a developer doesn’t complete the construction of discretionary condo improvements within 10 years, then the right to construct those improvements ceases and the land is automatically reverted to the general common elements.  This legislation makes the reversion language optional, not automatic, based upon a two-thirds vote of the affected association. This bill is now Public Act 233 of 2016 and will become effective on September 21, 2016.

In addition to this bill activity, the Michigan Legislature returned to Lansing for three weeks of Session in the month of September. With those days now complete, there are less than 20 Session days scheduled through the end of the year. The House will be out on the campaign trail for the month of October, while the Senate did schedule three days of Session for October should they be needed. After the November general election, following the Thanksgiving holiday, the Lame Duck session will begin. It’s important to note that as this legislative cycle is winding down, it is still very likely that the legislative package eliminating Dower will be taken up by the House Judiciary Committee. The committee chairman has shared with MLTA that this package is still on his to-do list for this year.

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