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Aug 3, 2016

Darlene S. Wilsey
MLTA Communications Committee Chair (2015-2016)
MLTA Director

Considering the increasing amount and frequency of information being conveyed to MLTA members by their customers, vendors, and underwriters alike, the Michigan Land Title Association’s Board of Directors committed themselves to exploring options, to assist its members with obtaining relevant information, in a more timely and convenient manner. MLTA President (2015-2016), Marcy Welburn, lead the initiative to transition from the MLTA’s wide-ranging, quarterly publication, known as the Title Examiner, to a more frequently distributed and condensed digital publication, offering the most relevant information in a user-friendly format – entitled TitleBytes!

In comparison to the MLTA’s 20-25 page, quarterly publication, members will initially receive digital eblasts on an every other month basis, with each publication containing no more than 5 organization and or industry related articles. MLTA members may access this information via their respective email inbox or the MLTA website, at www.MiLTA.org/blog. Advertisers will have greater exposure to MLTA members, with ad placements in TitleBytes eblasts and/or on the MLTA’s Blog, housed on the MLTA website.

The MLTA Board of Directors and the Communication and Technology Committees are committed to maintaining the exceptional standards set by Bob Wuerfel, as Editor of the Title Examiner and the many volunteers who have assisted and/or preceded him Since its inception, in 1995, the evolving value of the MLTA’s newsletter publication has been due to the vision and diligence of current and past members, including: Bob Wuerfel, Marcy Welburn, Allan Dick, Connie Curio, Jerome Jelinek, Bill Robinson, Kathy Savich, Michelle Lievois, and Jil Scholtz.

It is with sincere gratitude and great excitement that we announce the latest example of the MLTA’s commitment to the evolving needs of its members!

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