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Dec 6, 2018

By Meredith Weingarden, Esq.
MLTA Legislative Committee Chair

Now that the dust is settling from the election and the passage of Proposals 1, 2 & 3, attention will be again drawn to the legislative process. For that’s what it is – a process, a process of review, debate, often revision and sometimes compromise. MLTA’s annual Legislative/Capitol/Lobby Day each spring, where we share our thoughts and recommendations with our Lansing representative, is an effort to be a contributor to that process. But, the MLTA also has a special committee dedicated year round to the timely task of keeping us apprised of what is developing in Lansing, and what might merit our attention.

Do you enjoy reading new proposed legislation? Have you always wanted to have some say in the bills that MLTA supports? Well then, the MLTA Legislative Committee could be the committee for you!

Four times a year, the members of the Legislative Committee review all the new legislation that may affect our industry that’s been introduced since the last meeting. We discuss the bills, usually over food and drink, and arrive at a consensus on any further action. At that point, a member of the committee writes a report to the MLTA Legislative Steering Committee, providing our recommendations on the current crop of bills. We recommend either support, opposition, or neutrality. Committee members take turns writing the report, so that it isn’t overly burdensome to any one member.

Once Steering has our report, they decide if any further action is necessary, like a referral to the MLTA Board of Directors. But, it all begins with the review process.

We’re a friendly group, and we are always looking for more members. If you’d like to join, please contact Meredith Weingarden (weingardenm@ctt.com), Brian Kasiborski (brian.kasiborski@fnf.com) or Kim O’Connor (koconnor@wfgnationaltitle.com).

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