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Meet the President (It’s Not Fake News)

Aug 7, 2017

By Jacquie Brink, AVP Midwest Region WFG National Title and Heather Moldavan, VP National Operations, ATA National Title Group

If you thought you knew the incoming MLTA President, think again. Not only is John C. Bommarito a tenacious and compelling individual, he’s passionate about our organization and industry as a whole, and may have a few tricks up his sleeve. Since joining the association, John has been actively involved and has been an essential contributor to the Michigan Land Title Association. He started his initial term as a Director on the board in 2012, then moved on as Secretary/Treasurer in 2015, and he takes on the role as President for 2017-2018. With his astute ability to look at things from multiple perspectives, he has gained the respect of many of his peers who often seek out his advice. There is no doubt that with his team oriented leadership, we will continue to push forward many initiatives that effect the industry. John is general counsel and corporate secretary at ATA National Title Group, LLC and an active member of the State Bar of Michigan’s Real Property Law. We recently had a chance to sit down with him and find out a little bit more about the man himself, and his thoughts on this upcoming year:

1. What are the main goals you’d like to accomplish this upcoming year?

“I’d like to keep our momentum going on the educational initiatives that the Board has already been working on. We’re going to analyze the survey feedback (thanks to all who took the time to respond), and enrich our educational offerings to meet the needs of more of our members. 2) We always have legislative initiatives we’re working on, whether our own, or responding to bills introduced by other groups. Most recently, our Steering Committee is working on vetting some language on a change to the Marketable Title Act that will afford our industry some greater certainty when assessing the impact of CCRs in a chain of title, and will hopefully modernize what kind of reference in the chain is sufficient to continue those CCRs. 3) I’d like to both see more people involved in the MLTA committees, and improve the intra-committee interaction so we all can deliver value to our membership more efficiently. I’m excited for the upcoming year.”

2. How does it feel to be the youngest incoming President in MLTA history?

“Age question aside, it’s an honor to be elected President of the MLTA and I am proud to join those who have come before me in service to our organization, many of whom I have had the privilege of working with and learning from over the years. As to whether I’m officially the youngest I can’t say for certain so we’d have to check with a historian, but I’m guessing I’ve got a good chance at holding that title!”

3. We know you are a great guitar player, but what other personal hobbies do you have?

“Music is definitely a big hobby. Overall, I enjoy being active, which is good because my kids definitely keep me active. One of the things I love about Michigan is all the different seasons and I enjoy being outdoors in all of them. Backpacking, camping canoeing are the most fun in spring and fall, and skiing in the winter. Summers “up north” and any day on a lake or a golf course is a great day. Past that, I enjoy reading, hanging out with family and friends, and working on some home improvement projects. One thing people may not know is I’m a second degree black belt and international champion in a traditional form of Japanese karate called Koei-Kan.”

So that’s his little secret! He’s a Title Insurance guy by day, and a guitar shredding, outdoors loving, superhero Dad by night. Now the question is, can he protect us all from the evils of title insurance? Congratulations on your upcoming tenure. We’re looking forward to a great year!

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