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Member Spotlights–Perseverance has its rewards

Dec 6, 2016

Maura Snabes, Esq., Corporate Settlement Solutions
Chairperson, MLTA Professional Designation Committee

There are those in our industry that come in each day, do their jobs and go home. Then, there are those in our industry to strive for more—to push themselves to become more involved, to seek more knowledge and to lead by example. One of the ways this is accomplished is by earning the highest designations available for title insurance professionals at the state and national levels.

A unique and somewhat recent development for the Michigan title insurance industry is the professional recognition as Certified Land Title Professional (CLTP) or Associate Land Title Professional (ALTP). It is a certification program for those persons within the Michigan Land Title Association who, through combinations of education, experience and performance, have demonstrated a proficient knowledge of land title insurance. The designations represent the highest measure of achievement in the Michigan land title profession.

The program was the brainchild of Sarah Sutton, who desired to achieve her National Title Professional (NTP) designation. As a prerequisite to achieving her NTP, she first had to earn her state’s designation certification. So, over a period of several years, she, along with a few others who comprised the initial committee, created bylaws, an application, requirement standards and an examination, all approved by the MLTA Board of Directors. And, while the program has been formally in existence a little more than 5 years, the program now has 10 CLTPs and 8 more applicants waiting to earn enough credits to sit for the examination for certification.

The current CLTPs and their year of designation include: Sarah Sutton (2011), Fidelity National Title Group Midwest Agency Director of Education; Debra Bartlett (2012), Executive Vice-President of Operations for Corporate Settlement Solutions; Cathy LaMont (2013), Business Development Manager for First American Title; Deb Wiley (2013), Michigan Agency Account Manager at First American Title (and current MLTA President); Bob Wuerfel (2014), President of the Lighthouse Group; Maura Snabes (2014), Vice-President, Sr. Underwriting & Compliance Counsel for Corporate Settlement Solutions; Melissa McTaggart (2014), attorney; Cindy Immonen (2015), Michigan State Agency Representative for the Fidelity National Title Group; and Meredith Weingarden (2016), Vice-President, Michigan State Counsel & Sr. Agency Counsel for the Fidelity National Title Group.

In addition, Mary Lou Hartwell earned her designation in June of 2011, and has since retired. Of these CLTP Designees, 4 are attorneys, 5 are employed by underwriters, 4 are or have been the Michigan Land Title Association President, 4 have been presented with the Robert J. Jay Award, and all but one have more than 20 years in the industry, with several having more than 30 years under their belt.

Even more impressive is that three of the Michigan Designees have also earned the American Land Title Association’s National Title Professional Designation. “The National Title Professional (NTP) Designation is designed to recognize land title professionals who demonstrate the knowledge, experience, and dedication essential to the safe and efficient transfer of real property.” The NTP represents a measure of achievement and commitment to career development. Sarah Sutton, receiving her NTP designation in 2013, was the first in Michigan to hold both the MLTA’s CLTP designation and the ALTA’s NTP designation. Both Cindy Immonen and Deb Wiley received their NTP designations in 2016.

The foregoing are not only great role models to the newer individuals in our industry, but also serve as a catalyst to encourage those who have been in the industry for many years to continually seek and achieve that next goal. Congratulations to all!

MLTA CLTP & ALTP information can be found HERE

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