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Mar 22, 2022

Recently, Kristen Dankert made a short presentation at the MLTA Summit where she introduced MLTA Gives 2022. Through this ongoing effort, the Association would focus its efforts for 2022 on the Michigan Foster Care Closet through the “Give a Bag, Change a Life” program! As Kristen explained, a single dollar bill, buys a reusable shopping bag which will be filled with items that a child could typically need. Michigan Foster Care Closet spends approximately $75 monthly on bags alone. The response in MLTA grand fashion, was overwhelming! Give a Bag, Change a Life, through the generosity of our members at the Summit, raised $382.00 which is an amount that will provide Michigan Foster Care Closet with approximately a 5 month supply of bags. Over the next few months leading up to the Summer Convention, you will see more information regarding this public service effort. Don’t forget to bring your dollar to the Convention and those of you who are unable to attend, can go directly to the Michigan Foster Care Closet website https://www.michiganfostercarecloset.org/washtenaw-fund/ or use the QR code to make your donations. Don’t forget to write “MLTA Gives” in their comment section! Thanks!




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