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MLTA Gives….and Gives

Aug 24, 2022

By:  Kristen Dankert

Membership response to the Public Service Committee’s MLTA Gives 2022 campaign was outstanding! Those attending the Summer Convention donated at total of $412 to the campaign. This generous response allowed the Committee to purchase an additional 417 bags to donate to the Michigan Foster Care Closet. In total, members donated $794 to the campaign launched at the Spring Summit. The Foster Closet uses these bags for children and families to transport needed items from the Foster Closet to their new homes. The Foster Closet provides clothes, toys, shoes, highchairs, beds, essentially anything a child could need from birth to 18 years old. Additionally, the Foster Closet provides needed items to children as they “age out” of the foster care system, helping them set up their future. The Foster Closet spends about $75 a month on these bags; because of your generous response, they have close to an 11 month supply of bags which will allow them to use their funds in other ways to help the children and families they serve.

The Committee serves to make recommendations to the Board with regard to donations made on behalf of the MLTA. Past recipients of these donations include Friends of Foster Kids, Michigan Habitat for Humanity and Safe Haven Ministries. Something changed 2020, well, a lot things changed, but one change was for the better. The Public Service Committee launched the MLTA Give From The Heart campaign in February of 2021. We asked for members to donate to a charity of their choosing to help our communities navigate the difficult times. Membership response was overwhelming! Seeking to carry that spirit and member involvement forward, the Committee launched the MLTA Gives 2022 campaign at the Spring Summit, with the goal of giving back to a charity that helps make a home during less than ideal times. The Foster Closet operates to help families and children settle into their new homes and provide everyday items to make life just a bit easier as children settle into their new home. If you have any recommendations for a charity to support, please reach out to Chairperson Alex Wuerfel (awuerfel@lighthousetitle.net) or Vice Chair Tony Viviani (aviviani@atatitle.com). The Committee is currently forming the MLTA Gives 2023 Campaign and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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