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MLTA Membership Committee Update

Jan 29, 2019

Beccy Clennan, MLTA Membership Chair

Hello and a big 2019 welcome from the MLTA Membership Committee! Hopefully, we are all seeing a great start to the year and looking forward to what lies ahead.

2018 was productive for our committee. The MLTA Board had challenged us to find a way to enhance and improve the way we share information regarding MLTA benefits with potential members. Through collaboration with the MLTA Communications Committee, a Membership Roadmap was developed, which focused on getting everyone to our website and utilizing the tools available to help our MLTA grow through membership participation and awareness.

The MLTA Membership Committee Chair and Communications Committee Chair presented this MLTA Membership Roadmap at both of the 2018 Fall Education Seminars. The Roadmap can be found on the “refreshed” MLTA website (under the” Member” section then “Membership Recruitment Tools”). This Roadmap is broken up into 3 areas that the MLTA Board believes are the value propositions for membership with the MLTA: Education, Representation and Networking. The Roadmap is a tool that members can use to discuss the value of becoming a member with those title professionals and companies who are not yet a member. It gives the main talking points, along with the area on the website where the information can be found, so that anyone can be equipped for talking with prospective members, using their computer, tablet or smart phone.

In closing, there remain 21 members who have not renewed their 2018-19 membership; some are due to consolidations, buyouts, etc. In an effort to continue our growth, our focus is on signing up professional members and are looking for any thoughts, ideas, input or recommendations. We are looking forward to a great year and continued growth in membership!

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