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MLTA Membership Notes

Aug 10, 2021

2020-2021 certainly turned out to be an irregular and interesting time in the Membership world of MLTA. Most members had business levels unseen before in our industry, taxing staff, companies, and resources to their utmost. On top of that, we were all functioning in working conditions also unseen in our industry, with people working remotely, remote closings and of course, no face-to-face gatherings for the MLTA.

The focus that was intended for the Membership committee was to grow ACTIVE membership. In other words, membership that includes more than just sending in “the check” for dues, but also individual and group participation in not only the social aspects of the MLTA, but in the educational, service and administrative factions of the organization as well. I see this call being our target going forward. Growing the sphere of influence of our organization by leveraging the experience and knowledge of our membership base to make our organization stronger and provide more vital services to our membership.

Don’t just pay your financial dues, but also your personal dues. Get involved, serve, and be active.

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