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Apr 11, 2022

The MLTA PAC Committee held a Silent Auction in conjunction with the MLTA Summit in Lansing on March 15th and 16th. There was a total of 11 items donated for the auction by 19 members. The total donor value of the items donated was $1,750.00. We had many great items including a lottery board, gift baskets, liquor baskets, sporting event tickets and personal electronics to name a few. The MLTA PAC Committee would like to once again thank all of the members who contributed items and helped make the fundraiser a big success!

There were 10 successful bidders on the list of items when the Silent Auction ended. Those successful bidders paid a total of $1,465.00 to the MLTA-PAC and walked away with the item (or items in some cases) that they wanted.

A big MLTA-PAC thank you to our Donors and our Bidders!

Auction Item Donors
Jill Scholtz
Jalila Dado
Matt Russell
Jean Ellery
Marcy Lay
Jacquie Brink
Lisa Cicinelli
Debbie Bartlett
Jerome Jelinek
Maura Snabes
Wes Parkinson
Brian Kasiborski
Kim O’Connor
Lisa Campbell
Kristen Dankert
Tim McDonnell
Eileen LaPlante
Michael Holden
Cindy Immonen

Winning Bidders
Jacquie Brink
Eileen LaPlante
Kim O’Connor
Tim McDonnell
Phil Neuman
Ray Scodeller
Maura Snabes
Dave Martyn
Cindy Immonen
Stacey Barbe

The MLTA-PAC also held a 50-50 drawing during the Summit. This fundraiser raised an additional $344.00 for the MLTA-PAC and Darcy Welton, Lavinia Biasell and Kim Kruger left with some extra cash in their pockets! The total raised for the MLTA PAC at the Summit was $2,309.00.

The MLTA-PAC Committee would like to challenge all members who receive this article to make a commitment to donate to the MLTA-PAC on an annual basis. If everyone committed to donating $50 to $100 dollars or more each year, the PAC would have a healthy balance and it would eliminate the need for emergency fundraising campaigns.

One final THANK YOU to all who have contributed. Your participation is greatly appreciated!

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