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Aug 24, 2022

The MLTA-PAC Committee held several fundraisers at the recent Summer Convention at Crystal Mountain Resort. The overall total raised for the MLTA-PAC at the Summer convention was about $7,200 after PayPal fees were netted out from the online contributions so all in all it was a good weekend for the MLTA-PAC.


The first event after dinner on the opening night of the convention was Trivia Night. Given the theme of the convention, this event was a trivia contest featuring questions about movies and TV shows like The Sopranos, The Godfather, Goodfellas and even a few questions about our esteemed Board Members. A total of 41 people participated in the Trivia Night which raised over $2000 for the MLTA-PAC. The winning team from Capital Title of Amanda Mitchum, Lisa Rozmarniewicz, Christina Robinson, Karl Golicz, Kim Kress and Chris Bertolini edged out the teams from Stewart Title/ASK and ATA National Title by one point. The top fundraising team was the Lighthouse Title Beacons of Trivia that included Darcy Welton, Kevin Lounds, Dawn LaFluer and Jeff Beyer. The Beacons raised a total of $800 and also won the award for the team having the best team shirt! Trivia Night raised $1,925.00 and an additional $160 was raised through the sale of the Past President Wanted signs that decorated the tables at the opening night dinner.


The MLTA-PAC Golf Outing made a return at the 2022 Summer Convention after a long hiatus. The format was a nine-hole four person scramble on the front nine of the Betsie Valley Course. There was a total of 24 golfers that made up six teams and each team had the opportunity to purchase some Handicap Helper in the form of PAC Cheats for $10 per golfer. The PAC Cheats consisted of 1 Mulligan, 1 Fairway Save, 1 Sand Save, 1 Green in Regulation and 1 Putt Save. The course played tough; but with all that Handicap Helper, every team came in under par. The winning team at 6 under was the team of John Tacia, Chris Phillips, Rob Dace and Jennifer Vackaro. The winner of the Longest Drive for the Women was Caitlin McCourt and for the Men was Dillon Rump. The winner of the Closest to the Pin for the Women was Kate Schuetter and for the Men was Bob Soave. Everyone had a great time and after expenses, the golf outing raised an additional $581.00 for the MLTA-PAC.


We also held the always popular Silent Auction for the MLTA-PAC. The auction was posted on the online website, so all members had an opportunity to bid on the items. The bidding was open weeks before the Convention dates and remained open until noon on Tuesday following the Convention. This allowed bidders more time to review the items and get a bid in before the final bell. There was a total of 19 items donated to the auction by 26 members. The total donor value of the items was $5,288.00. We had many great items including a week in Bonita Springs, charcuterie board, gift baskets, a virtual reality package, sporting event tickets and personal electronics to name a few. Many thanks to the people who donated a wide variety of items for the auction and made it a tremendous success.

The were 13 successful bidders (some members won multiple items) on the long list of items when the Silent Auction ended. Those successful bidders paid a total of $4,420.00 to the MLTA-PAC and walked away with the item (or items in some cases) that they wanted at some pretty good deals! At the end of the day, the MLTA-PAC benefited greatly.

A big MLTA-PAC THANK YOU to our Donors and our Winning Bidders!


The MLTA-PAC Committee would like to again thank all members who have contributed to the PAC over the past year; especially those members who have made a commitment to contribute on an annual basis. The funds generated for the MLTA-PAC help us get our industry’s voice heard in Lansing and with term limits and seats turning over in the State House and Senate, that is a never-ending process.


The upcoming 2022 November election will have many hotly contested races. The MLTA-PAC Committee would like to challenge all members who receive this article to make a commitment to donate to the MLTA-PAC on an annual basis. If everyone committed to donating $50 to $100 dollars or more each year, the PAC would have a healthy balance and it would eliminate the need for emergency fundraising campaigns.

One final THANK YOU to all who have contributed! Your participation is greatly appreciated!

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