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MLTA Sponsorship Committee

Jun 5, 2019

By Jamie Scheett, Star Title Agency, LLC

The MLTA Sponsorship Committee diligently works with the MLTA Members and Affiliate Members, as well as outside Attorneys and Vendors to obtain sponsorship funds for the various MLTA Summit, Convention and other Education Sessions held through-out the year.

The funds raised assist in keeping the cost of the programs low for the MLTA member-attendees It also enables the MLTA to keep the membership dues within a reasonable range and to attract more members. In addition to offering professional speakers to our programs, the funds allow us to offer quality educational sessions at a very reasonable price.

Our sponsorship budget for 2019 is $75,900.00 with Exhibitor funds in the amount of $13,000.00 for a total of $88,900.00 for the year. But, we hope to exceed this goal by raising $90,000.00 to assist in funding additional educational sessions and bringing in more professional speakers.

If you should wish to know more about becoming a sponsor, or have any questions regarding how you can help with this committee, please contact Jamie Scheett, the Sponsorship Chairperson or the MLTA Board. Your help is always welcome! (Jamie@startitlemi.com)

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