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MLTA Spring Summit – March 5-6, 2019

Jan 29, 2019

The MLTA is excited to announce the 2019 Spring Education Summit, to be held at the Crowne Plaza in Lansing, Michigan on March 5th and 6th, a two-day conference replacing the usual Spring Education Seminar. It will start at 1 pm the first day and end at 3 pm the second day. The 2019 Fall Education Seminars will return to its normal schedule with one day seminars held in Grand Rapids and Livonia.

It is important to the MLTA Board and Education Committee to continue meeting the needs of the MLTA membership, better define its educational offerings and enhance the education seminars. In 2017, MLTA took a global look at its Educational offerings throughout the year and evaluated where we were heading in future years. MLTA emailed a survey to the membership asking for feedback to ensure we were meeting Members’ expectations and obtaining feedback. Those responses were valuable, and assisted with the future direction of the MLTA’s educational offerings.

One question on the 2017 survey asked respondents if we should continue the Boot Camp. This is a recent seminar format, one focused on specific in-depth training on typically one major topic. 82% of the respondents indicated that they felt that the Boot Camp is valuable and to continue offering these seminars. This year the Boot Camp has been moved to fall, to be presented in Midland.

The 2017 Survey also revealed that 60% of the respondents were in favor of a two-day conference. Feedback indicated that Members would like breakout sessions, networking and more added value while at the seminar. Members requested to hold the meetings more centrally located to allow for the majority of the Members to drive no more than about two hours to the meeting. The Survey also noted the concern for the smaller agencies to afford staff to attend a two-day conference. Our goal was to address as many of the concerns as possible to offer the best options available to the Members.

To address concerns about staff being out of their office for two days, the seminar is structured where the Agency staff/owners can choose to attend both days or just day 2. If the members are only able to attend one of the two-days, and they would prefer the same structure as the typical Spring Education Seminars, they can attend just the second day and receive much the same benefits as in the past.

The first day of the summit will provide presentations on the Michigan economy, leadership training and networking opportunities. The second day mirrors the prior Spring Education Seminar with some enhancement. The 2017 Survey revealed the desire to have breakout sessions. So, the last two segments on the second day will have two-time slots for breakout sessions, one focused on examining and the other focused on escrow. Attendees can pick any of the breakout sessions that they would like to attend. If you are an examiner, you may want to attend the first breakout session on examining, but then attend the Escrow segment for the second breakout session. It is your choice!

In past years, some committees have met the night before the Spring seminar. This year, the committee meetings will take place the evening of the first day. But, those meetings will be a bit earlier to allow for the networking activities in the evening.

In the past, it has been challenging to find outside speakers to present at two different locations and dates. Because we now need speakers for just one location, we are able to access a different group of speakers than before. And since we are not spending money on two venues, we are able to allocate more into the Summit. Therefore, we are bringing in two paid speakers for the Spring Summit.

On March 5th, Jonathan Fanning – author, leadership development expert and entrepreneur, will present “Building a Culture of Innovation.” For those attending both days or only the second day, on March 6th we will have another outside speaker. Shawn Fair, CEO of Fair Consulting Group will present “Building the Bridge with Millennials.”

The MLTA is excited to present the Spring Summit to its Members. Our goal is to continue bringing the best educational offerings to the Membership by building the content to a new level each year. Your participation in providing feedback via surveys or by informing an MLTA Committee Member or Board Member is key to our success. We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Spring Summit.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN – Click here to be directed to register

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