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Not JUST Another Boot Camp – It’s Escrow Time!

Aug 7, 2019

By Allan Dick, WFG National Title Insurance Company

Just as 2013 opened a new era in MLTA Educational offerings with the first (Title 101) Boot Camp, this fall of 2019 – specifically, Wednesday, September 11, at the H Hotel in Midland , MI, the MLTA unveils its first ESCROW BOOT CAMP – the MLTA Escrow Basics Boot Camp (or, “The Everyday Challenges of Escrow and Closings”). Unlike previous Boot Camps, more geared to the Title Side, this will focus on the trials and tribulations of preparing for and executing a closing.

It will be presented by an experienced group of escrow professionals, who will share very pragmatic experiences and suggestions, from “What’s Wrong With This Title Commitment?” to “OMG, I Need To Do WHAT Before We Close?” Disclaimer: In 5 or 6 hours, you obviously can’t possibly cover everything. But, we will cover A LOT! And there should be ample time for all your questions!

And, it will also include some fun activities, including title/escrow Bingo and an Anime presentation of the traditional “Mock Closings” – three different scenarios! As with other Boot Camps, this is designed for title and escrow employees , who are not yet “lifers”. But, of course, everyone is welcome (until we reach capacity). So, check the MLTA website and register ASAP!

One more thought, in the MLTA Education realm. At the Summer Convention there was discussion of possibly trying to make the regular MLTA Education Seminars available by some form of simultaneous broadcast from the actual seminar down-state for our members north of The Bridge (at a designated location). While there are obvious logistic issues and costs to consider, the MLTA Board and the Education Committee are always anxious to hear your suggestions and ideas for such things as this and for topics you’d like to see covered. That is how the Boot Camps got started …

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