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Public Service Committee Update

Oct 9, 2018

Dave Moldovan, MLTA PSC Chair

Hello from the Public Service Committee! Hopefully all of you are aware of who the Public Service Committee (PSC) is and what it does- for those of you who may have forgotten here is a quick refresher. The Public Service Committee was originally formed with the hopes of providing assistance, through monetary donations and building projects, to Habitat for Humanity of Michigan as well as local chapters throughout the state. The committee has also encouraged MLTA members to be/remain active with other charitable organizations that are important to them. In that spirit the PSC, along with the MLTA Board, is happy to announce a new initiative to help more charities throughout our great state. The goal is to have MLTA members nominate a charitable organization for consideration of a donation on behalf of the MLTA. We only ask that the charity of your choice be a 501(c)3 organization and be associated with homes/housing. We would like to make a donation to 3-4 charities per year that are located in different geographic regions of the state.

If you have a charity you would like to nominate, please reach out to Dave Moldovan (dmoldovan@atatitle.com), Anthony Viviani (aviviani@atatitle.com) or Tom Lico (tlico@capitaltitle.net) with the name of the organization and a brief explanation of what services it provides to the community.

If you are interested in joining the Public Service Committee, please reach out to the three individuals named above. Thank you all for your support and we wish everyone a Happy Fall!

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