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The Joy of Serving

Jun 27, 2022

By: Lisa Rozmarniewicz

Many years ago, I took a class on anxiety and worry and the different ways that people handle those situations when they arise. I’ll never forget one statement the teacher/counsellor said; “Worry and anxiety is often due to people who have a lot of idle time on their hands, where all of their thoughts go inward”. Her suggestion was for people to volunteer in areas to help others, thereby taking one’s mind off oneself and the things that cause worry. That advice worked for me!

Over the last 6 years, I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the Communications/PR committee for the MLTA, and about 5 years ago, I became the chairperson for that committee. It has been a blast!

One of the neat things about service on the Communications/PR committee is that you have the opportunity to collaborate with most every other committee. If you want to become more involved with the association, but need help selling your involvement to your boss…being on a committee might just be the answer!

Serving on a committee gives one the ability to make a difference and to help effectuate change in our industry. Committees are an important part of what keeps the association working smoothly. We work closely with the Board through an assigned Board Liaison who communicates to the Board, projects that are in process as well as brings feedback back to the committee.

Finally, one of the best reasons to serve on a committee is to get to know other people in the association. You know how it feels when you walk into your first meeting or event and you know no one? Well, when you serve on a committee, you not only get to know the people on one committee, but on multiple committees as you collaborate on projects. It makes going to education events and meetings more enjoyable as you get to mix and mingle with people you’ve served with! So, in closing, the million dollar question is….which committee will you sign up for this year?

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