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Yikes, Multifactor Authentication?!?!

Dec 12, 2019

By Cindy Immonen, NTP, CLTP One of the updates to ALTA’s Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices that goes into effect in January requires the use of multifactor authentication (MFA) for all remotely hosted or remotely accessible systems storing, transmitting or transferring non-public personal information. Think about all the staff working remotely within your […]

The ALTA ONE Conference – from Austin to NYC … and Holiday Greetings from the MLTA

Dec 12, 2019

Tom Lico, MLTA President Hundreds of title industry participants gathered the week of October 21 – 26 at the American Land Title Association’s ALTA One conference at the Fairmount Hotel in Austin, Texas. The Grand Opening Session introduced Diane Tomb, the new CEO of ALTA. After an 8-month long search to replace the departed Michelle […]

Money Mule – another type of scam you may not recognize

Dec 12, 2019

By Allan Dick, WFG National Title In the February, 2019, TitleBytes covered a story regarding an Oregon homebuyer, Aaron Cole, who was scammed out of his life savings and the proceeds from selling his current home, as he prepared to buy a new home for his family, approaching the holidays. FBI Special Agent Yaqub Prowell […]

A Michigan Legislative Overview

Dec 12, 2019

By Tim Ward, Michigan Legislative Consultants As the first year of Governor Whitmer’s administration comes to a close, let’s take a look in the review mirror before looking ahead to 2020. Not unexpectedly, the pace of governance has abated with a divided government, the first one in eight years. A couple contributing factors to this […]

Got A Minute?

Dec 12, 2019

Tom Lico, Capital Title If you think about it, “time” is the only thing in life we are all given equally. It doesn’t discriminate. Ironically enough, it’s the one thing we all complain that we don’t have enough of. The reality is: time is all we have. We all get 1,440 minutes each and every […]

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