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MLTA Summer Convention Wrap Up

Aug 24, 2020

By Tom Lico, Capital Title 2020 continues to challenge all of us, personally and professionally, each and every day. It has forced us to be more creative, forced us to try new things, and has forced us to live and work differently. Needless to say, the MLTA Summer convention could not help but get caught […]

MLTA Education in Changing Times

Aug 24, 2020

By Allan Dick, WFG National Title Since at least the 1980’s, education – in the form of twice each year education seminars was a mainstay of the services provided by the MLTA to its membership.  Those seminars consisted of mostly title examination refreshers and new developments, with updated underwriting considerations and guidelines, reflective of changing […]


May 26, 2020

The past several months have given each of us ample opportunity to demonstrate our individual and organizational resolve, agility and relevance to our peers, employees, customers and communities. Our MLTA Executive Director, Marcy Lay, board of directors and committee chairs have spent countless hours reassessing, rescheduling, and rebuilding MLTA events, to make certain we continue […]

MLTA and MARD: Working Together For YOU

May 26, 2020

By Tom Lico, MLTA President, and Allan Dick, MLTA Past-President One thing you learn while on the MLTA Board is that most Board decisions do not have an immediate impact. Most decisions that are made are analogous to planting seeds that will not bear fruit for years down the road. Several years ago, our Board […]

MLTA Summit 2020 in the Rear View Mirror

May 26, 2020

By Tom Lico, MLTA President The MLTA kicked off its second annual Spring Summit with what turned out to be inauspicious timing. Our Education and Summit Committees put together a fabulous agenda that was the perfect kick-off to what was gearing up to be a strong year for the housing market. Registration response was strong, […]

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