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Electronic Closings – Update

Jul 30, 2016

You will be reading more and more headlines about how ‘E-Closings are Around the Corner’ or ‘CFPB Pushes E-Closings’ or ‘Millennial Buyers Asking “Where’s the Technology?”’

Don’t panic. There isn’t even a common definition of what constitutes an ‘E-Closing’—does it mean ‘all documents’ or ‘some documents’. Further, there are still significant State-level legal and County-level procedural hurdles that need to be overcome before everyone will be closing real estate deals on an iPhone using an App. So where are we?

MLTA Convention

Jul 29, 2016

Geoff Prichard Title Express Agency The Michigan Land Title Association Summer Convention began Sunday evening, July 17, with food, laughter and entertainment, before turning to business and a series of distinguished speakers. The laughter and entertainment centered on the latest MLTA-PAC FUNdraiser, featuring five teams in a spirited Lip Sync Battle. Those teams, representing Capital […]

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